Our technology is subject to a patent pending approval, we shall not, therefore, be providing a detailed description of our systems here. What we can provide however is a general overview of the technology and its many applications.

Nikkogen UK has a worldwide license to fabricate a range of Prime Mover Systems that have been designed to "drive" electrical alternators to produce clean zero emission electricity.

The electricity is clean to produce because no carbon based fuel is used.

Our Prime Mover System has also been designed to operate over a 24 hour 365 day basis independent of wind, water, wave or tidal weather related issues. Our generating facilities are of a low visual impact and have been designed on a modern industrial building format. We have also been careful to limit the potential harmful emissions used in the production of the materials for the Prime Mover System fabrication and buildings.

Our Prime Mover System is capable of driving large alternators producing final usable electrical power ranging from 40 Megawatts through to 240 Megawatts per standalone system. Our system, therefore, if used to power residential housing, is capable of providing high quality continuous electricity for between 27,000 and 160,000 homes. If a new clean electricity supply is required for a small city of 1.5 million homes and office buildings, upwards of ten 240 Megawatt systems would be required. The ten or more Power Stations could be physically located to ensure reduced power outages due to electrical grid failures, terrorist action, severe weather or routine maintenance. Future expansion could easily be accommodated by co-locating one or more of our zero emission Power Stations.

As our zero emission Power Stations do not require a carbon based fuel, we also do not require the road or rail transportation infrastructure typically needed to deliver coal, gas or oil fuel. Our Power Stations can be built, therefore, in any number of locations.

Our complete Power Station capital costs compete very favourably with those of the gas-powered Stations. In addition, our System exceeds the operating efficiencies of the existing Gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Combined Cycle Gas turbines systems.

  • Zero Emissions - No harmful gases emitted from our Power Stations.
  • Zero Carbon-Based fuel source - Does not use coal, gas or oil.
  • Minimum ongoing costs - There are NO ongoing fuel costs only a small maintenance cost.
  • Managed Power Generation - We can provide Zero-Emission Power Stations with Operating Staff, allowing non-utility companies into the power-generation industry.
  • Modular design and low maintenance costs.
  • Small physical "footprint" area for complete Power Station.
  • No large storage yards and cooling towers are required.
  • Location independent - can be built almost anywhere.
  • Can be configured for grid or local electricity distribution - Where two or more nikkogen Power Stations are co-located.
  • No heavy rail access required.
  • Clean limited-noise operation.
  • No dust or particulate emissions.
  • No potentially harmful or dangerous gases or fluid storage required
  • The whole power station facility is less dangerous than a Petrol/Gas filling Station - which we are happy to have located in our business and residential areas.
  • Electricity generated available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

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